Interview with Etienne Crete from “Desire to Trade”


My very first guest to be interviewed on this podcast is Etienne Crete from “Desire to Trade.”

He swing trades the Forex market, watching 15 pairs on multiple time frames, with an emphasis on looking at significant support and resistance zones and Bollinger Bands.

His initial interest in trading began as a university student and he shares with us the biggest lessons he learned during his 2 year journey to becoming a successful trader.

Here are just a few of the things discussed in this episode:


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One thought on “Interview with Etienne Crete from “Desire to Trade”

  1. I had been following Etienne Crete’s interviews and podcasts for a few months now and finally decided to look at his webpage and joined the email mailing list as I was excited about his program after watching his videos thinking he would be a great mentor to learn from. After joining the mail list, I was redirected to another welcome webpage and I tried to join his $2497 Platinum Trader program. I had the money to join the program without question, but I was denied access after completing an online form when I clicked on the $2497 option via an email by an Alejandro Perez indicating that after review of my application by him and Etienne, that I wasn’t fit for the program, but without clear explanation.

    I was not given any reason why I was denied access to the Platinum program and was very upset about this so I sent a reply asking for why I was denied and below was my response from Alejandro Perez. Based on the below email, I am still not clear why I was denied access because I can pay the $2497 and he is referring me to something else. I don’t understand what is meant by needing a US$22K account.

    I looked on the website and based on your review, was also not very clear about what I could gain, but based on Etienne’s podcasts and interviews, I was highly motivated thinking he would be a mentor I could learn from, but to be rejected without a very clear answer seems harsh for someone who says they want to help people and doesn’t provide any clear requirements for acceptance into the Platinum Trader program. I was interested in Etienne’s program because of his main website title “Want To Trade Forex While Traveling The World?” and found that that was something I wanted to do and gain the freedom to do it through Forex. I had high hopes for this, but now these hopes have been squashed by the negative response I received and being rejected entry to the program. Just wanted to leave this here for anyone looking for a review as I am not pleased after this rejection and it has made me not want to join the program now.

    Response Email From Alejandro Perez:

    Alejandro Perez
    2:41 AM (17 hours ago)
    to me

    Hi Libert,

    Thanks for the reply.

    For the 1 on 1 program we usually have a 22K+ USD account to justify the cost. One on One programs are expensive as you get the full academy + sessions with Etienne so the total cost of that its 2,497 USD.

    We do have shorter programs and single one-on-one calls but they tend to have less impact on the traders as there is less responsibility from the side of the trader.

    If you are interested in this program, I can talk to Etienne and arrange something for you or get in a call to discuss the full program.

    Let us know if we can help in any way!

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