Interview with Ken Calhoun from

Ken Calhoun from

In today’s episode I interview long-time stock trading friend Ken Calhoun from “Trade Mastery.”

Ken day trades and swing trades, looking for stocks that are breaking out with strong moves.

Ken Calhoun is the president of and (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who’s earned industry acclaim for his professional trading systems.

Mr. Calhoun has been featured in leading trade publications and events such as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, Active Trader magazine,,, and CBS He is a graduate of UCLA and has traded millions of dollars of stocks, ETFs and more during his active trading career.

Here are just some highlights from the interview:

  • The P&L is the best “indicator.”
  • How he day trades and swing trades equities.
  • Which days of the week he finds his best trades.
  • The qualities he looks for in a good stock trade.
  • Why “getting paid” is the most important aspect of trading.
  • When he holds a trade overnight and when he doesn’t.
  • The ONE trade setup that he would trade if he could only trade one strategy.
  • Why he enters on chart patterns but exits on the “P&L.”


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