Trading Psychology Practical Tips, Part 2

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Trading Logs

  • Write down patterns on 2 things:
    • How you felt.
      • Confident.
      • Stressed.
      • Anxious.
      • Mad.
      • Just a little uneasy.
    • What you were thinking.
      • Self talk specific phrases:
        • “This looks good.”
        • “This has to work.”
        • “This looks toppy.”
        • “This can’t go any higher/lower.”
        • “I’m gonna try this.”
        • “Let’s see what happens.”
      • Look for patterns. Once or twice means nothing.
      • It’s very personal, you have to find YOUR patterns.
      • You normally have a general awareness of these things, but we want to bring them from the back of your mind to the front of your consciousness.

Friend: Every time he took a trade: “Yeah, this probably won’t work.”

Next episode we’ll finish this 3-part series on trading psychology with the most powerful technique I’ve ever found for turning a trader around from being non-profitable to being profitable.